The Rise and Evolution of Onsite and Near-site Clinics

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A few decades ago, I remember sitting in a meeting with our company doctor planning new hire orientation, feeling miserable, and wishing I could just have him see if my cold needed to run its course or required a prescription. Instead, I took a half day off of work for a doctor appointment, but I longed for easy and hassle free access to a healthcare provider at or near work. Today, more and more companies are adopting onsite or near-site clinics, also known as worksite health centers, as a way to meet the healthcare needs of their employees.

Onsite clinics were at one time only for the largest of corporations, but companies with as few as 500 employees are now adopting a worksite health center model. According to Springbuk, the current market penetration of worksite health centers is 16 percent and is expected to surpass 30 percent by 2020. This means that up to 10 percent of the adult population under the age of 65 will receive their healthcare through a worksite health center.

There are three primary reasons employers are adopting worksite health centers: 1) improved access to care that enhances productivity and job satisfaction, 2) improved population health management, and 3) better management of healthcare costs. The role of worksite health centers is evolving from the occupational medicine clinic – like the one my company doctor ran – to primary care clinics. We are now seeing an evolution that focuses more on employee well-being by integrating population health, wellness, and evidenced-based medicine into a more holistic approach to employee health.

With the increasing adoption of onsite and near-site clinics, employers considering an investment in a worksite health center now have access to case studies and information about how well these clinics have supported companies’ long-term healthcare goals. On September 12, 2017, the Kentuckiana Health Collaborative and the National Alliance of Worksite Health Centers will host a half-day event to discuss the latest information on worksite health centers. Confirmed speakers for the event include:

  • Diana Han, MD- Global Medical Director, GE Appliances, a Haier company featuring their onsite clinic vendor, Premise Health
  • Larry Boress- Executive Director, National Association of Worksite Health Centers
  • Gregg Potts, MD- Senior Medical Director, Papa John’s International
  • Dexter Shurney, MD- Chief Medical Director/Executive Director Global Health/Wellness, Cummins Inc.

If you are considering a worksite health center or would like to learn more, be sure to join us for The Rise of Worksite Health Centers to Address the Unmet Health Needs of Employees. This event requires registration and is free to current KHC and NAWHC members. This forum will be held at the Jewish Hospital Rudd Heart & Lung Conference Center in Louisville, KY.


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