Building a Bridge to Better Health, Better Care, and Better Value

We solve big problems by engaging employers and healthcare stakeholders.

We believe healthcare is local and that a multi-sector collaboration approach provides the best opportunity for innovative, workable solutions to improve healthcare quality, cost and experience. Our collaborative is particularly useful in solving problems where multiple healthcare sectors can accomplish more together than alone.

Improve healthcare quality

We all want to receive healthcare where the outcomes are exceptional, the medical errors are minimal, and we feel respected. Ensuring people receive high quality care that is safe, effective, patient-centered, timely, and equitable can be achieved by leveraging employers’ purchasing power and fostering multi-stakeholder collaboration

Make healthcare more affordable

The U.S. spends nearly double the average of other comparable countries on healthcare yet has among the shortest life expectancies of those same countries. Health outcomes, price, and efficiency must be improved to move toward a more affordable, value-based healthcare delivery system that does not incent volume over value.

Ensure equitable healthcare

There is an urgent need to transform, adapt, and innovate healthcare to advance a high quality, safe, affordable, and equitable healthcare system. Solutions are needed to combat the disturbing health inequities and systemic racism within our healthcare system and communities.

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Community Health Forum

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