KHC 2023 Annual Report Now Available

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KHC Annual Reports from recent years past placed a heavy emphasis on change. In 2020, the KHC achieved organization independence from the UAW/Ford Community Health Initiative, launched a new website, and pivoted to virtual work in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2021, the KHC welcomed Jenny Goins as the new President and CEO, established organizational priorities around health equity, and engaged members in the ever changing landscape of the ongoing pandemic. In 2022, the KHC updated it’s vission and mission, established a set of values, and entered the realm of policy and advocacy, particularly to advance healthcare quality and transparency.

Readers of the 2023 Annual Report will notice less of an emphasis on change, and more of an emphasis of refinement and focus. The KHC navigated challenging and dynamic landscape of the world, healthcare, and local communities in previous years by keeping our mission as our north star: to work collaboratively with healthcare purchasers and stakeholders to build healthier communities through high quality, affordable, and equitable healthcare across Kentucky and Southern Indiana. Highlights from 2023 show how this journey has and continues to culminate in engaging key healthcare stakeholders in education, collaboration, and solutions to create a more equitable system for health.

In 2023, the KHC:

  • Refocused the organizational strategy to include maternal health, obesity, and mental health as focus areas
  • Launched the Diabetes Learning Collaborative and subsequent report and Community Health Forum to share learnings
  • Maintained its legacy of measuring healthcare quality through the Kentucky Core Healthcare Measures Set and Consolidated Measurement Reporting, and serving as a Leapfrog Regional Leader
  • Advocated for transparency in healthcare through an engaging in All-Payer Claims Database (APCD) workgroups and resources, creating hospital pricing resources, and encouraging and sharing the work of RAND Corporation Hospital Price Transparency Studies
  • Fostering collaboration through hosting 19 events and participating in 22 external organizations or workgroups

The full story of the KHC’s year can be found in the 2023 Annual Report. Whether you are new to the KHC, recently engaged, or have been a member for years, we hope this report leaves you informed on our priorities as well as energized to join us in creating a high quality, affordable, and equitable system for health.

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