2021 Round-up: Top Stories from the KHC

2022 Wrap up
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I think 2021, for many people, was essentially an extension of 2020. The pandemic extended into a second year, and dreams of uninhibited activities were postponed once again. As we enter 2022, despite a surge in the new Omicron variant, we are saying goodbye to 2021 with a “Best of” for our blog, looking at posts that have had the heaviest readership and those that our staff deemed its favorites.

Most Read Posts

  1. KHC Partner Spotlight: Dr. Suresh K. Mukherji. Each month, the KHC highlights an individual from a member organization or KHC partner. Always a popular post, they’re a favorite of the KHC staff as well.
  2. Call for Public Comment: 2021 Updates to KY Core Healthcare Measures Set. After a spring of deliberations by committees, the Kentucky Core Healthcare Measures Set (KCHMS) was updated in 2021. While the conversations have always been insightful, this year’s deliberations were some of the most nuanced and in-depth that the KCHMS committees have had.
  3. Kentuckiana Health Collaborative Launches Healthcare Equity Advisory Committee and Learning Series. Disparities in healthcare and health outcomes are created at many points during the healthcare delivery process. Through a series of meetings, this committee reached consensus on eight principles to advance healthcare equity in Louisville.
  4. KHC President, CEO Elected as National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions Board Vice Chair. After 17 years of service to the KHC, President and CEO Randa Deaton departed the organization to take on a new challenge at the Purchaser Business Group on Health. We are pleased to share that she is doing well in her new role and has monthly calls with the KHC.
  5. KHC Releases 2020 Annual Report. 2020 was an interesting year! If you liked that report, check out our 2021 report, released this month, as well.

KHC Staff Favorites

Reflecting on a Year of Beginnings and Endings on the Anniversary of Breonna Taylor’s Death

Selected by Natalie Middaugh

My favorite blog post from 2021 was Reflecting on a Year of Beginnings and Endings on the Anniversary of Breonna Taylor’s Death, written by former KHC President and CEO Randa Deaton. March 2020 was a month that will be imprinted on us forever. In this blog post, Randa provides a heartfelt reflection on how the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, killing of Breonna Taylor, and personal experience of caregiving for her late mother converged and the changes and learnings she had experienced since. In reading this powerful piece, I am encouraged by the perseverance of our community to eliminate racism, achieve equity, and overcome the coronavirus pandemic as we near the second anniversary of these prominent events. As Randa wrote, “I see the connection between so many beginnings and ends, both painful and hopeful.” This sentiment still runs true today. The inspired and relentless work of the KHC staff, organization, our partners, and all organizations working to achieve equitable health and opportunities for all continues.  

What Does the KHC Mean to You and Your Organization?

Selected by Stephanie Clouser

2021 was a year of change for the KHC, including the departure of longtime KHC leader Randa Deaton and arrival of longtime friend of the KHC Jenny Goins as the new President and CEO. The KHC core staff has been with the organization for many years, so the last couple of months seeing the KHC through fresh eyes has been enlightening. What Does the KHC Mean to You and Your Organization, written by Goins, gave me a fresh perspective on how those outside the organization understand what we do.

KHC President Randa Deaton Reflects on Tenure with the Non-Profit 

Selected by Jenny Goins

This post and our annual report post both meant a great deal to me. Reading Randa’s thoughts on serving as the KHC’s first President and CEO reminded me of how far the KHC has come in its history, which can be divided into two-phases: first as a community health initiative convened by UAW/Ford Motor Company and then our second and current phase as a community non-profit. Randa led the KHC to an amazing start of phase two. Once the decision was made and the transition began, Randa didn’t miss a beat and began the process to ensure a successful organization. Through Randa’s leadership, phase two of KHC’s history began with the adoption of a new governance structure, the implementation of detailed financial procedures, and a re-structuring of membership. In her article, Randa mentioned the multitude of projects and programs accomplished by the KHC in just 18 months, but what really stood out to me was the leadership of Randa herself. It was an honor to work with her through the years and to see how her fire, passion, and commitment could transform an organization and ensure its continued support and leadership around high quality, affordable, and equitable healthcare. Her work with the KHC has made a difference that will always be remembered and serve as the model for moving forward.  

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