Updated Mission and New Vision and Value Statements

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Mission, vision, and value statements provide formal expressions of our goals, purpose, and ethical standards. As part of the Kentuckiana Health Collaborative’s Board of Directors Strategic Planning Session in September, the Board reviewed the KHC’s proposed mission and vision statements and developed KHC’s core operating values. All Board members were given a chance to review and edit the documents and approved these statements at the November Board meeting.

Mission | The mission of the KHC is to work collaboratively with healthcare purchasers and stakeholders to build healthier communities through high quality, affordable, and equitable healthcare across Kentucky and Southern Indiana.

Vision | Our vision is a more equitable system for health where all people in Kentucky and Southern Indiana have access to high quality and affordable healthcare.

Values | The KHC values collaboration, transparency, compassion, innovation, and diversity of perspectives.

These statements will drive the work of the KHC as we continue to make a difference in our communities.

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