Spotlight: Get to Know KHC’s Newest Employee

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Greece Melissa Eggen
Melissa Eggen, MPH
Director, Data Management and Innovation
Kentuckiana Health Collaborative

Melissa Joined the Kentuckiana Health Collaborative as the director of Data Management and Innovation in early 2023. She is currently working on her PhD in Philosophy in Public Health Science with a specialization in health management and policy. Melissa’s role at the KHC involves engaging with all aspects of KHC’s data and collaborating with KHC partners and members to create and implement innovative strategies to improve healthcare quality, cost, and outcomes. Melissa is passionate about improving outcomes for women and children, increasing social connection through partnership and community-building, and studying other languages and cultures. In her free time, Melissa enjoys spending time with her family, reading outdoor adventure non-fiction, and spending time in her garden.

Read below to learn more about Melissa.

What are you currently working on that you are most excited about? How do you think it will drive improvements to health and healthcare in the community?

I bring a strong background in maternal and infant health to the KHC and I’m really looking forward to working with our partners to identify strategies to fold maternal health into the work of the KHC.

What do you see as the biggest threat to our community’s health? How do you feel it needs to be addressed?

Disconnection and isolation. We have become a society of individuals and that can be a very lonely experience for many of us. A very simple way that we can contribute to people’s sense of connectedness is just to acknowledge them, listen, and help when needed.

What is your dream vacation spot?

India. It just feels like a country with a strong heartbeat and soul, and I hope I can visit someday and experience it.

If someone wrote a biography about you, what do you think the Title should be?

Intentional Wanderer: Tales from an Adventurous Life.

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