KHC Releases 2019 Annual Report

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Click on the image above to read the full report.

Last year, in an effort to do a better job of celebrating and reflecting on our accomplishments, the KHC released its first-ever KHC annual report, highlighting the historic year we had in 2018 and setting the tone for 2019.

If we thought 2018 was historic, we weren’t at all prepared for what 2019 would bring! This year was arguably more eventful than 2018, marked with new hires, new grants, creating a new webinar series and for the first time recording those educational webinars, participation in national efforts, and an office move to close out the year.

The design of this year’s annual report is a “roadways” theme, signifying the continuous drive and journey to address the complex health problems that face our local community. While there is no clear “road map” to achieving the Triple Aim goals of Better Health, Better Care, and Better Value, we work to accomplish this mission through a variety of healthcare measurement and community health initiatives that leverage employer engagement, multi-stakeholder collaboration, and education to transform and optimize healthcare. The KHC acts as a bridge to connect the healthcare stakeholders needed to drive this change.

The heart of the KHC Annual Report is divided up into accomplishments made in each of four core areas of focus: Healthcare Quality Measurement and Transparency, Community Health Improvement, Employer and Purchaser Network, and Education. Some of the biggest projects highlighted in the report were:

  • Releasing the 2019 Kentucky Core Healthcare Measures Set
  • Developing the “Opioids and the Workplace” Employer Toolkit
  • Hosting the fifth KHC annual conference
  • Starting the conversation around hospital pricing
Click on the image above to read the full report.

Take a few minutes to read through the KHC 2019 Annual Report. Current KHC member organizations will receive physical copies with their membership renewal packets that will be mailed in the near future. On our website, we have an online version that includes live links that you can click on to find out more about each project mentioned in the report.

Hop on the KHC roadway in 2020 and help us drive change!

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