What Does the KHC Mean to You and Your Organization?

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What does the KHC mean to you?

Over the years I’ve thought about this question at various times. In my past role as the leader of a KHC member organization, I’d usually think about it when I was asked to share why I belonged to and served on the KHC Board to my leader, my colleagues, or my team. It wasn’t always easy to explain, especially to my leaders who weren’t in the healthcare industry. At times it wasn’t easy to explain to my colleagues and team because they were so busy it seemed impossible to cram in one more meeting, discussion, or learning opportunity.

Now, as Interim President and CEO of the organization to which I once belonged, I’m thinking about this question again. As we wrap up 2021 and begin strategizing for 2022, I thought I’d share my reasonswhy the KHC is an important organization with you. Maybe yours are similar, but we are all probably drawn to the KHC’s vision to solve the complex health problems we face in greater Louisville, Southern Indiana, and throughout Kentucky. I have three key reasons why the KHC is important to me and how the KHC makes a difference for all of us and our communities.

First, that the KHC is an employer-led AND multi-stakeholder coalition is important. While it’s important to learn and benchmark from organizations similar to our own, we also need to learn from organizations that are not like ours but impact the healthcare system. How do we implement value-based care if we don’t have a multi-stakeholder discussion and understand know how that model impacts purchasers, providers, hospitals, contracting, etc.?

Another area where KHC makes a difference is the discussion and activities related to quality, affordable, and equitable care. There is no quality of care without equitable care. The KHC has taken a leadership role in the past year to close health disparities and ensure that all people – regardless of race, ethnicity, income, identity, and geography – have access to high-value healthcare and exceptional health outcomes.

KHC’s data initiatives are the third reason the KHC makes a difference for healthcare purchasers and multi-stakeholders. Whether it’s community measurement, the Kentucky Core Healthcare Measures Set (KCHMS), purchaser priorities from the KCHMS, the Hospital Price Transparency Study, or COVID-19 reports, the KHC analyzes and shares the data in a way members can make informed decisions and develop policies. The KHC continues to make a difference within our Kentuckiana communities, but it’s also nationally recognized because of the joint efforts of our employers and our multi-stakeholder members. As we move into 2022, think of what the KHC has done for you and your organization, then share the KHC with others so that we can make an even greater difference across our state in the coming year.

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