KHC Member Spotlight: Stacy Forsyth

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Stacy Forsyth

Ford Motor Company

Job Title: Health Care Benefits Specialist

Member of the KHC since: 2021

Which KHC committees have you participated in? Board of Directors

Stacy is part of the Health Care Benefits Team at Ford. She focuses on items related to salaried/hourly medical and drug benefits. She also works on special projects related to well-being, legislative updates, and other items.

What are you most excited about working on in the future around health and healthcare improvement?

I have a long background in data and analytics for healthcare. I’m excited to utilize data from various sources (claims, socio-demographic, others) to find ways to improve health and later measure the impact of the program. It is exciting and challenging to continue to try to find creative opportunities in health care to drive positive change.

What do you see as the biggest threat to our community’s health? How do you feel it needs to be addressed?

With everyone trying to manage work, family, school, life, etc., focusing on personal health becomes difficult. Most people find health a challenge to focus on personally, let alone try to understand the massively complex system. In addition, healthcare becomes more expensive every year, pushing more and more people away from beneficial preventive and maintenance care. We need to continue to focus on the personal aspects of healthcare as a consideration in how to improve the overall industry and health of people.

Why do you and your organization belong to the KHC? What do you find most valuable as a member?

Ford Motor Company was a founding member of KHC along with the UAW. This was an agreement that came up in a previous collective bargaining arrangement to target community health in places with large amounts of Ford/UAW employees. As a current member of KHC, Ford finds value in connecting to ideas/opportunities/innovations in a geographic region where we continue to have a large presence.

What do you do in your spare time? Provide a fun fact about yourself.

I have two wonderful children (Jon age 13, Avery age 11). I spend lots of time with them! I also love reading and I’m constantly reading 3-4 books at any given time.

What is your guilty pleasure (TV show, sweet treat, etc.)?

For a guilty pleasures: I love chocolate – especially homemade chocolate chip cookies. I enjoy watching re-runs of The Office.

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