KHC’s Stephanie Clouser Named to Core Quality Measures Collaborative Implementation Team

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KHC Data Scientist Stephanie Clouser

Continuing the KHC’s work both regionally and nationally in healthcare quality measurement alignment, KHC data scientist Stephanie Clouser has been named to the Core Quality Measures Collaborative (CQMC) Implementation Roster. She has also previously participated in the CQMC Primary Care and Gastroenterology workgroups.

CQMC, a partnership between the National Quality Forum, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and America’s Health Insurance Plans, develops core sets of quality measures for implementation across both commercial and government payers. The CQMC relies on workgroups to select measures for the core sets, guide the development and refinement of materials used to update the core sets, and prioritize gaps and areas for future core set development.

Regionally, Clouser leads the KHC’s measurement alignment work to identify the measures that reduce measurement burden, improve focus, and ultimately measure what matters most to key stakeholders. A public-private committee of the experts convened by the KHC has finalized the Kentucky Core Healthcare Measures Set (KCHMS), with 38 core primary care measures. The measures listed on the KCHMS are included in KHC annual reporting.

Also named to the CQMC Implementation Workgroup was KHC member Faith Green, Director, Office of the Chief Medical Officer, Humana. Green has also participated on other CQMC workgroups and the KCHMS committee.

As members of the Implementation Workgroup, Clouser and Green will be charged with developing an implementation guide that addresses:

  • Guidance on technical aspects of core set implementation for payment and quality reporting purposes
  • Strategies to encourage buy-in among clinicians, provider facilities, and consumers
  • Strategies to increase core set adoption to raise awareness and increase stakeholder knowledge

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