KHC Releases COVID-19 Testing Employer Resource Guide

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The Kentuckiana Health Collaborative has assumed a role during the COVID-19 pandemic as a key resource hub for pulling together the variety of perspectives that now, more than ever, must convene and collaborate to make a measurable impact on our healthcare system and community. As part of this role, the KHC built a COVID-19 resource page. The information found on this page caters to a variety of perspectives: community members, healthcare providers and payers, employers, and more. Recognizing the information fatigue that many of us may be experiencing, the goal of this resource page is to provide a one-stop-shop for direct guidance on personal, business, and healthcare practices while also providing opportunities to dive deeper into topics of interest.

In addition to the consolidation of resources from national, state, and local leaders, the KHC is striving to build resources that meet community needs and strongly benefit from the perspective of thought-leaders across all stakeholder groups. Despite the wealth of resources available, there are many key questions that remain unaddressed. A number of these questions surround COVID-19 testing technologies and procedures, specifically when it comes to the workplace. As Kentucky and Indiana reopen and employers begin to implement their workplace COVID-19 plan, testing is a critical, but convoluted component. To bridge the gap between clinical recommendations and workplace guidelines and logistics, the KHC has developed a COVID-19 Testing Employer Resource Guide.

The guide provides a high-level look at the different types of COVID-19 tests that are available, their usefulness, and their flaws. Noting that COVID-19 should only be a component of an employer’s larger COVID-19 workplace plan, the guide elaborates on regulations and testing logistics that employers may consider when building their plan. Part of this plan might include establishing a new partnership with a testing provider or establishing a new service with an existing health care partner. The guide provides instruction on how to determine which partner is providing evidence-based and reliable testing and promoting care coordination.

This guide was released on June 2 at the KHC Community Health Forum, “The Impact of COVID-19 on our Healthcare System and Community.” For questions, comments, or additional information, contact Natalie Middaugh, KHC Community Health Program Manager, at

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