KHC Member Spotlight: Yolanda Reed

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Yolanda Reed
Kelley Construction, Inc.

Job Title: Director of Human Resources

Member of KHC for: Joined in 2020, but have been a friend of the KHC for 15 years.

What KHC committees have you participated? Board of Directors and Executive Committee

What are you currently working on that you are most excited about? How do you think it will drive improvements to health and healthcare in the community? 

I am currently working on our new wellness program, which is a grassroots model, “Kelley Kickstart” which is designed specifically for our workforce and industry. This gives me an opportunity to influence,  and educate our workforce being well engaged in their wellness, so if/when there is a need then he or she will be armed to be a smarter consumer of their healthcare.   It excites me to see the shift in the way our workforce/members see healthcare; to drive change, you must change the mindset.

What are you most excited about working on in the future around health and healthcare improvement?

I am most excited about working on improvements around racial disparities in medicine, treatment, and affordability.  This culture gap should never impede with medicine: our health, our care, and our treatment.

How do you see the KHC evolving in the future?

Being a go-to source, a hub of expertise that levels the field to affordability, accountability and accessibility within our healthcare systems, that will yield a better, healthier and well engaged community.

What is the KHC’s biggest contribution to improving community health and healthcare? 

Addressing the racial disparities.

What do you do in your spare time?

I love to decorate and entertain in my home, including fabulous, themed parties.

What are you passionate about?

Helping others and being a mentor to girls and young women.

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