KHC Member Spotlight: Anoop Mansukhani

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Anoop Mansukhani

Anoop Mansukhani

Merck and Co. Inc.

Job Title: Senior Corporate Account Executive

Member of the KHC for: 12 years

Anoop collaborates with coalitions, employers and benefit consultants to improve employee health and well-being.

What are you currently working on that you are most excited about? How do you think it will drive improvements to health and healthcare in the community?

I am excited about the opportunities to educate employers around the pandemic impact on CDC recommended routine vaccinations, create greater awareness regarding the revised USPTF guidelines for lung cancer screening, and provide approved educational resources for employees.

What do you see as the biggest threat to our community’s health? How do you feel it needs to be addressed?

In my experiences, the silos in healthcare delivery impact patient access to healthcare quality. Integration with all key healthcare stakeholders including employers, payers, manufacturers, health systems, providers, and pharmacy is critical to improving patient care.

Why do you and your organization belong to the KHC? What do you find most valuable as a member?

KHC serves as a multi-stakeholder coalition to convene public and private sector employers, community providers, health systems/IDNs, community healthcare leaders, and policy decision makers to build consensus around key healthcare issues and drive solutions to improve patient care.

What is your favorite quote?

“If you want to change the world, be that change.” – Mahatma Gandhi

What is your dream vacation spot?


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