What is Your Organization Doing to Address the Opioid Crisis?

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Last week, KHC announced that we have been selected to be part of a 40-member opioid action team that will identify strategies and tactics for opioid addiction prevention and collaborate to accelerate and amplify current efforts going on across the country. It’s no secret that this is a priority in our state and in Southern Indiana, so we are excited to team up with some of the best minds in the country to produce a playbook that addresses the crisis from many angles, including:

  • Leadership and Culture
  • Patient and Family Engagement and Education
  • Clinical Knowledge and Expertise
  • Organizational Policies and Clinical Practice
  • Tracking, Monitoring, and Reporting
  • Accountability
  • Community Collaboration

Over the next several months, the National Quality Forum Opioid Stewardship Action Team will meet in person and virtually to identify best practices for implementing opioid stewardship and tools and resources related to overcoming barriers.

As we begin this work, I want to ask our community partners and friends – what is your organization (or organizations that you work with) doing to address the opioid crisis in our community? The more information we gather about what is going on in our community, the more productive we can be in our work with NQF.

If your organization has launched, plans to launch, or is even thinking about launching a program or strategy related to this, I want to hear from you. Please send me an email at sclouser@khcollaborative.org.

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