Welcoming Opportunities for Change with Milestone KHC 10th Annual Conference

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The KHC has convened healthcare stakeholders to discuss pressing trends, challenges, and opportunities related to healthcare quality, affordability, and equity at our Annual Conferences since 2015. As our tenth consecutive convening, the 2024 Annual Conference will mark an important milestone for the KHC. While planning for this milestone event, the KHC has proudly reflected on the nine previous years of collaboration and discussion on critical issues defining the health of our Kentucky and Kentuckiana region:

  • 2015 – The New Healthcare: Successes, Transformation, and the Path Forward
  • 2016 – The Path to Healthcare Value: Lowering Costs and Improving Outcomes
  • 2017 – The 2017 Healthcare Question: What’s Coming, What’s Going? Game Changers, Measurement Mayhem, and Payment Fixes
  • 2018 – Connecting Mental and Physical Health: Successful Models of Integrated Care
  • 2019 – High Value Behavioral Healthcare
  • 2020 – Humanizing Healthcare
  • 2021 – Optimizing Health 2021: Equity, Value, and Well-Being
  • 2022 – The Quest for Value and Equity: Mapping the Future of Healthcare
  • 2023 – Enhancing Quality, Affordability, and Equity Through Measurement and Transparency

The Annual Conference has routinely brought more than 200 key healthcare stakeholders together, including providers, plans, employers, labor unions, government, pharmaceuticals, academia, public health, nonprofits, consumers, and more. The conferences have highlighted world class speakers, healthcare experts, and changemakers, offering the leaders in our region the opportunity to learn, network, and collaborate. Furthermore, the conferences have offered opportunities for organizations working to improve healthcare quality, affordability, and equity to engage with others and maximize their reach through sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities.

Changes to the 2024 10th Annual Conference

As the KHC looks towards 2024, we look forward to maintaining these successes while seeking opportunities for improvement based on feedback from KHC members and past conference attendees. We are pleased to announce the first of these changes with the move of the date of our conference from the spring to the fall. In 2024, the KHC 10th Annual Conference will be held on September 18-19. The conference will occur over two days, rather than one day with an optional pre-conference reception the night before. Additionally, the KHC will open opportunities to speak at the conference through a session proposal submission process.

While our conference dates and structure have been confirmed, the KHC and our member-based conference committee are developing the conference title, topics, and location. This information will be released in the coming months as soon as it is confirmed. Other pertinent dates to know are listed below.

  • For organizations interested in sponsoring or exhibiting at the conference, a conference prospectus detailing these opportunities and benefits will be released in December 2023.
  • Registration for the conference will open in January 2024.  
  • A call for proposals will open in January 2024. Selected speakers will be notified of their acceptance by March 2024.

The KHC is excited to maximize the impact of our Annual Conference as we conclude our first decade of hosting the event. To stay up to date on conference related announcements, sign up for the KHC mailing list.

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