Build Healthier Communities

Healthy communities promote the well-being of their citizens by working to ensure people can:

  • Access high quality, affordable healthcare
  • Engage in healthy behaviors
  • Have equitable opportunities for social and economic health
  • Live in a healthy environment

The KHC has worked on a variety of community health priorities over the years including obesity, chronic disease, tobacco, and diabetes. Our initiatives tackling these problems can be accessed by members.

Our most recent initiatives have focused on:

Health Equity

In the United States, disparities in health outcomes are prominent and growing.

Historical and contemporary social, structural, and political factors have created these disparities by limiting access to resources and opportunities for certain groups in our society. Achieving health equity involves breaking down these barriers and making sure that all people have access to the resources they need to achieve their full health potential. 

The KHC is working to close health disparities and ensure that all people – regardless of race, ethnicity, income, identity, and geography – have access to high value healthcare and exceptional health outcomes.

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Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder

Our community faces alarming rates of mental health issues and substance use disorders.

The barriers individuals face in getting mental health services are many, and go well beyond the healthcare delivery system. Stigma is still a huge obstacle to overcome.

With increasing suicide rates, opioid overdose deaths, and mental health issues, it is imperative for employers, payers, and providers to ensure individuals have access to high quality mental health services and treatment. Mental health and substance use disorders are under-identified, under-paid, and under-treated, ultimately leading to poorer quality of life and increased healthcare costs.

The KHC is working to drive improved access to high quality, affordable mental health and substance use disorder services.


The COVID-19 pandemic shed light on the urgent need to invest in public health and to transform, adapt, and innovate to advance a high quality, safe, affordable, and equitable healthcare system.

During the pandemic, our day-to-day life was significantly disrupted, and many of the systems and patterns that provided us security were unstable. The pandemic highlighted the fact that certain populations were disproportionately vulnerable to contracting the virus and to the effects of infrastructure changes made to control its spread.

Throughout the pandemic, the KHC worked with its members providing support, resources. and education on the community’s biggest priorities to navigate unprecedented times.

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Access to our full
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Join other organizations, businesses and coalitions working to improve healthcare quality.

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