Statement From the Officers, Executive Committee, and Staff of the Kentuckiana Health Collaborative

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The tragic and senseless killings of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and numerous others have punctuated the prominence of structural racism in the United States. Racism and prejudice are embedded into the culture, institutions, and policies of our society and have resulted in the repression, marginalization, and death of countless Black Americans. The Kentuckiana Health Collaborative (KHC) stands together with those seeking change and calling for the dismantling of these inequitable systems.

Structural racism against racial and ethnic minorities is a public health crisis. While health disparities have long been recognized as a public health concern, the continued display of discrimination and brutality against people of color calls for swift and decisive action to address health inequities and the effects of structural racism on health and well-being.

For nearly two decades, the KHC has worked to promote a better healthcare system where costs are reasonable, outcomes are exceptional, medical errors are minimal, and all patients are respected by providers that are energized and engaged in mission-driven work. Structural racism is present in the healthcare system. We are committed to working with the community to engage businesses and multiple healthcare stakeholders to create a healthcare system where your life expectancy and health outcomes are not determined by the color of your skin.

As a community, we must do more than acknowledge that Black Lives Matter; we must be willing to do the hard work to dismantle a culture and system of racism to make our community a safer and healthier place to live, play, pray, and work for all.

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