KHC Member Spotlight: Jason Scherzinger

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Jason Scherzinger

Jason Scherzinger
Anthem National Accounts

Job Title: Program Manager, Strategic Employer & Community Health Initiatives

Member of KHC for: 4 years

KHC Committee Participation: Executive Committe, Transformation, and Measurement

Jason’s job with Anthem is to support health improvement initiatives through collaboration with its community and employer partners.

Share your personal interest in Health and Healthcare System Improvement.

Jason has harnessed the passion he’s had for physical activity since he was young and dedicated his career to helping businesses and individuals attain their well-being goals. Working on the vendor, client, and plan side, Jason has developed a great appreciation for the collaboration and integration needed to improve the well-being of the member, employer, and community.

Improving health is one of the three main priorities of the Triple Aim. What are the best strategies for improving health in our community? 

Improving the health of communities starts well before the person enters the healthcare system. Understanding that a substantial degree of our health and well-being is determined by diet, exercise, living conditions, and other influences will allow us to look at less traditional options like societal, environmental, and community factors.

How do you see the KHC evolving in the future?

I see the KHC moving more towards an action-oriented group that leverages the resources and stakeholders that have defined the group for so long.  Sharing with organizations their results and then providing opportunities to improve those numbers leads to greater improvement in outcomes.  This also will lead to a greater alignment of program availability and provider support in Kentuckiana and beyond.

What is your favorite quote?

“Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about! Be Kind. Always!” -Brad Meltzer

If someone wrote a biography about you, what do you think the title should be?

“Beyond All Odds”

“Overcoming obstacles, some self-imposed, has been the story of my life.”

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