KHC Member Spotlight: Don Lovasz

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(Note: this member spotlight was first published in the April 2017 KHC Newsletter. To receive the KHC Monthly Newsletter, click here.)

Don Lovasz
KentuckyOne Health Partners

Job Title:
President and CEO of KentuckyOne Health Partners (KHP). Lovasz leads a team of employees, partnerships, and contractual organizations to bring better health, better care, better experience, and lower cost to the lives of Kentuckiana

Member of KHC for: 3 years

KHC Committee Participation: Executive Committee

What are you currently working on that you are most excited about? How do you think it will drive improvements to health and healthcare in the community

“KHP has just become a Next Generation Accountable Care Organization. We are very excited about how this shift in structure will help to engage providers in addressing health disparities through a number of priority metrics. As a Next Gen ACO, individual Medicare beneficiaries will be able to self-select the services of KHP next year and take advantage of health coaching and other support services.”

Improving health is one of the three main priorities of the Triple Aim. What are the best strategies for improving health in our community? 

“At KHP, we encourage our beneficiaries to start the year with an Annual Wellness Exam with their primary care provider. This exam gives patients and provider an opportunity to put together a wellness plan for the year, ensuring that patients get the important preventative screenings needed that ideally keep patients well and costs low.”

How can the KHC best coordinate and align action to change health and the healthcare system?

“Healthcare is the same as any industry sector, we respond to what the market asks of us. Ambulatory centers, extended hours, accountable care organizations are in place today because our clients demanded it. KHC members represent government agencies and regional businesses who provide or manage the healthcare insurance for thousands of individuals. KHC has the unique ability to educate its members and shape health plan contracts to encourage their ‘covered lives’, the physicians and the hospitals to change behavior.

What is your favorite app or social media outlet?

“I’m a pretty basic social media consumer, so texting and Pandora (music) are what I use the most.”

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