KHC Member Spotlight: Diana Han

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Diana Han

Diana Han, MD
GE Appliances, a Haier company

Job Title: Global Medical Director

Member of KHC since: 2013

KHC Committee Participation: Co-chairperson

Dr. Han leads the healthcare team at GE Appliances, which has responsibility for health and leave benefits, employee well-being programs, and onsite occupational and primary care services.

Share your personal interest in health and healthcare system improvement. What are you currently working on that you are most excited about? How do you think it will drive improvements to health and healthcare in the community?

We’re very focused on more contemporary approaches to benefit design incorporating alternative payment models to align the incentives of patients, providers and payers of care. This work is quite challenging but will, hopefully, result in achieving better value of care and a more rational payment model. We are also very interested in addressing our community’s mental health and substance use disorder challenges. These are highly complex problems that still carry significant stigma and have grave public health impact. We believe moving prevention upstream to youth and young adults will, ultimately, nurture a future generation of adults to develop the resilience necessary to cope with the many challenges and hardships of life.

Why do you think a multi-stakeholder coalition like the KHC is needed in the community?

It is important to have a neutral convener of all key stakeholders within the healthcare ecosystem. As the “Switzerland” of healthcare, the KHC’s agenda is thoughtfully mapped to the priorities of the community it serves, rather than developed in a vacuum according to its own priorities.

Why do you and your organization belong to the KHC? What do you find most valuable as a member?

Health and healthcare are important priorities for GE Appliances. Our business has been a part of this community for many decades— this is home for our employees and their families. Our employees are our greatest asset and we have a responsibility to support their health and well-being, not only in our own backyard, but also in the communities in which they live. Given the many challenges and inter-dependencies within healthcare, we’ll never be able to fundamentally transform the system without collaboration among all core stakeholders in our community. The KHC has convened, moderated, and led important bodies of work that align well with GE Appliances’ healthcare priorities, including alternative payment models, behavioral health, and measurement alignment.


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