KHC Says Farewell to Stephanie Clouser

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It is with mixed emotions that we bid Stephanie Clouser, Senior Director Data Management and Innovation, farewell in January and wished her much success in her new role with the Kentucky Primary Care Association (KPCA). In many ways the KHC isn’t losing Stephanie as much as gaining another member as we will continue to partner with her in her new role. However, it goes without saying that she will be missed.

Stephanie had been with the KHC for almost eight years. She provided an amazing combination of journalistic talent with an ability to understand and then share stories of the many data analytic and measurement components of KHC’s work. And what a combination that was – she made translating data into language that everyone could understand look like an easy process. She told stories with complicated data sets. Because of her expertise she was requested to serve on national workgroups, present at national and regional conferences, and share her knowledge with other coalitions.

The KHC has historically been known for its detailed measurement activities, including consolidated measurement reports, the Kentucky Core Healthcare Measures Set, and hospital price transparency. Stephanie led the KHC’s Measurement Strategy Team bringing together multiple healthcare stakeholders to ensure we focused on important health outcome measures for Kentucky and Southern Indiana.

While personally I’ll miss her ability to translate data and provide actionable meaning, I’ll even more so miss her sense of humor, her passion, and her commitment to the KHC. During my first year as President and CEO of the KHC she was critical to my and our success. As the “senior” member of the KHC team, she taught me the ropes, shared our history, and more than anything provided faithful support and guidance.
Stephanie left a positive mark on the KHC – professionally and personally. We look forward to seeing her continue to leave her mark at the KPCA and making a difference for Kentucky. We wish you all the best.

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