Kentuckiana Health Collaborative Releases Community Measurement Reports, Collects Data on Opioid Prescribing

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The Kentuckiana Health Collaborative is pleased to release the 2018 Community Measurement Reports, which also includes opioid prescribing data as part of the KHC’s partnership with the Kentucky Opioid Response Effort (KORE).

For the last 15 years, the KHC has led the way in healthcare quality measurement and transparency through Consolidated Measurement Reports, which allows for comparison to local and state averages and benchmark scores on the quality of care patients receive on a variety of ambulatory care indicators. The KHC is the only organization that combines Commercial, Medicaid, and Medicare Advantage data for quality reporting. The data also allows us to see where we have improved – or not – as a community in these key indicators of quality healthcare.

For the second year, the measures on the reports include all of the 2019 Kentucky Core Healthcare Measures Set for which there was available data and features a highlight of where the community performs well and where there are gaps in care. To access the full reports, click here.


This year’s Community Measurement Reports feature two new measures related to opioid prescribing: Use of Opioids from Multiple Providers and Use of Opioids at High Dosage. The first measure looks at the proportion of patients who are getting opioids from multiple prescribers, multiple pharmacies, or both. Use of Opioids at High Dosage looks at the number of patients who received prescription opioids at a high dosage for great than or equal to 15 days during the year.

The information was collected as part of the KHC’s partnership with the Kentucky Opioid Response Effort (KORE), in which the KHC has partnered with national data leaders to explore opioid use trends for Kentucky’s residents. In November, the KHC partnered with IBM Watson Health to develop benchmarks for key metrics related to the prevention, treatment, and recovery of opioid misuse and opioid use disorder. The results were discussed in a November webinar. If interested in learning more detail about this data and key takeways, a recording of our November webinar can be viewed here.

When we look at the KHC Community Measurement Report measures for opioid-related care, similar to the IBM Watson data, Kentucky and Kentuckiana fall near national averages.

Kentucky data shows opioid prescribing similar to national averages.


For more information on the opioid measures, as well as all the results of the 2019 Community Measurement Reports, register for a complementary KHC Webinar on May 21. The event will include an overview of these reports, the data, and a chance to ask the KHC questions. You can find more information about the webinar here.

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