HealthDoers Network: The “Facebook” of Health Improvement

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If you work to improve community health and healthcare, then you are officially a “HealthDoer” and would benefit from the HealthDoers Network. We think of it as the Facebook platform of health improvement. The network provides trusted peer-to-peer forums and programming to support those working to improve community health and healthcare.

Randy Chenard, Executive Director, HealthDoers Network, Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement (NRHI), attended last week’s All Member meeting to introduce the network funded by The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and launched by NRHI. Randy explained the goal of the network is to promote a broader multi-stakeholder approach to addressing community health.

One of the biggest questions asked when developing a strategy to address any community health issue is whether any other communities have done similar work successfully. The HealthDoers Network provides a platform to connect to articles, experts, and initiatives happening across the country on a variety of topics

The online and in-person offerings are designed to rapidly identify and spread what works, foster meaningful connections, and incorporate participant feedback to set priorities. Some organizations have even chosen to develop their own private network platform for sharing information across their internal network to expedite best practice learning and adoption.

If you would like to learn more about HealthDoers, call the KHC office at 502-238-3603. You may learn more about HealthDoers by visiting

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