Principles of Advancing Healthcare Equity

Letter of Support

The Healthcare Equity Advisory Committee was created to address racism in healthcare organizations and to drive improvements in healthcare equity. The Committee was convened through a partnership between the Kentuckiana Health Collaborative, Kentucky Nurses Association, and Have a Heart Clinic. Committee members reflect a cross-section of experts and advocates across Greater Louisville and Kentucky. Using consensus-based discussions, the Committee agrees upon eight principles of advancing healthcare equity and calls upon healthcare organizations to sign this letter of support for adopting the principles within their own organization.

From this point forward, “We” refers to the signing organization.

We support the implementation of the following principles to advance healthcare equity in Greater Louisville:

• Confront racism in healthcare
• Address social risks and needs
• Collect race and ethnicity data
• Administer training and education
• Eliminate race-based medicine
• Foster diversity, inclusion, and belonging
• Practice person-centered care
• Prioritize high impact health disparities

As a key healthcare organization in Kentucky, we agree to move towards these healthcare equity principles with the goal of advancing healthcare equity, improving community health, and eliminating racism in healthcare. As a stakeholder in determining the health of our community members, we commit to work towards implementation of these principles within our organization. Our commitment will be demonstrable through steps including, but not limited to:

• Developing an action plan
• Setting goals or outcomes that are measurable
• Establishing timelines

Healthcare organizations are responsible for acknowledging and actively addressing racism, healthcare inequity, and health disparities. By implementing these principles, we will contribute towards eliminating racism and disparities healthcare in Greater Louisville.
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