Call for Applications – 2021 KY Core Healthcare Measures Set Committees

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The Kentuckiana Health Collaborative is filling rosters for the selection of the 2021 Kentucky Core Healthcare Measures set (KCHMS), a core healthcare measures set for Kentucky’s primary care providers, with the ultimate goal of aligning the priorities of Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial insurers.

The KCHMS was first released in June 2018 and currently includes 38 primary care measures in the areas of preventive care, behavioral health, chronic and acute care, pediatric care, and cost and utilization. The intent is to align measurement efforts toward shared areas of focus, making Kentucky one of the first states in the nation to create a healthcare measurement set.

The oversight committee includes decision-makers representatives of Kentucky’s key healthcare stakeholders. The oversight committee uses subcommittee recommendations to finalize the KHCMS. It meets 2-3 times, as required to confirm the final list of measures. The anticipated time frame for this work is April and May 2021. Not sure if you agree that you would be best for that role, but I’m open to your thoughts!

Each subcommittee consists of several clinical and technical experts with a mix of healthcare stakeholders. The subcommittees create a list of recommended measures in their area of focus that they recommend to the large oversight committee, which creates the final set, based largely on these recommendations. Each subcommittee meets 3-5 times, as required to put forth final recommendations to the oversight committee. The anticipated time frame for this work is January-March 2021. There are a handful of subcommittees that meet:

  • Preventive Care
  • Behavioral Health
  • Chronic and Acute Care
  • Cost and Utilization
  • Pediatrics

The 2021 PMAC team will consist of previous committee members and new applicants. Slots are limited and will reflect a diverse mix of payers, providers, purchasers, and consumers.

For more information about the project, visit the KCHMS page on the KHC website or watch an informational webinar recording here. To apply for the oversight committee or subcommittee, click here.

Submissions are due by Monday, January 4, 2021. Any questions, please contact Stephanie Clouser at

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