Call for Public Comment: Proposed Changes to KY Core Healthcare Measures Set

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2018 KY Core Healthcare Measures Set

Modifications are being made to the Kentucky Core Healthcare Measures Set (KCHMS), and healthcare stakeholders throughout the Commonwealth are invited and encouraged to review and comment on those submissions during a public comment period that will run through August 9.

In 2018, the core measures set was developed and released through a public-private partnership with the goal of creating a core measures set for Kentucky stakeholders to align to. The 2018 core measures set includes 34 unique measures, focused in the areas of prevention, pediatrics, chronic and acute care management, behavioral health, and cost/utilization.

This year’s update will ensure that the measures on the core measures set are current, relevant, and sound. The Kentucky Performance Alignment Committee – or PMAC – and its subcommittees have spent the last months reviewing the current measures set, examining potential measures for addition, and confirming or questioning the current measures’ relevance.

This week, the subcommittees presented their final recommendations to the PMAC Oversight Committee, which will finalize the 2019 KCHMS measures on August 20.

If all recommendations are accepted, the core measures set will increase from 34 measures to 39. Measures that would be added include opioid treatment, depression treatment, diabetes blood pressure control, childhood and adolescent well care, and patient experience measures. Measures related to medication adherence and antibiotic avoidance would be removed.

Any healthcare stakeholder is invited to provide feedback for the PMAC Oversight Committee on these recommendations. The public comment period will close August 9, and you can find details on the proposed changes and public comment form here.

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