2017 County Health Rankings Now Available

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Last week, Robert Wood Johnson’s 2017 County Health Rankings Report was released. The report, which provides data about population health at a county level, summarizes key national findings, as well as state and county trends. Users can explore the data using the interactive online tool or even download spreadsheets of data for their own use.

Some key findings nationally include:

  • More Americans are dying prematurely, notably among younger generations. In recent years, premature death increased most among those ages 15-44.
  • Drug overdose was by far the single leading cause of premature death by injury in 2015 and contributed to the accelerated rise in premature death from 2014 to 2015.
  • A new measure of disconnected youth (individuals ages 16-24 who are not in school and not working was added), and our own Louisville, KY was highlighted as a “Community Taking Action” through IDEAS xLab’s Project HEAL, which uses art expression to expand hope for the future and fosters youth-led community leadership. Last year, Louisville was awarded RWJF’s Culture of Health prize and received $25,000 from RWJF, along with the opportunity to learn from other winners, past and present, and exchange information with those communities.

To find out how Jefferson County (or any other county) fares in the 2017 County Health Rankings report, click here.

Explore selected measures with the “Neighborhoods Matter to Health” app below.


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